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Lily Sayre

About Me

    I'm a twice self-published author, recipient of the Delacorte Fiction Prize, Finalist for the 2023 WLT Manuscript Contest, featured author on the 2023 Publisher's Inklist, and member of the Writer's League of Texas. Since publishing my first work of fiction at age eleven, I knew writing was one of my greatest passions, and I'm excited to announce that I am continuing my literary journey by pursuing a BA in English Literature at Trinity College Dublin. I love reading as much as I love writing, and have enjoyed helping other authors with their work during my stints at Folio Literary Management, Howland Literary Agency, and Plympton Publishing House. I'm an enthusiastic and passionate editor who offers freelance services to any writers looking to take that next step.

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Editing Services

     I'm an experienced freelance developmental manuscript editor who has helped over 60 authors polish and publish their work. I've also taught fiction workshops, webinar series, judged fiction writing contests, hosted Ask Me Anything sessions, and more. I specialize in children's literature and horror but can provide helpful feedback for any genre. My services include full and partial manuscript reviews, synopsis, and query feedback. To get started, feel free to contact me through my website or find me on Critiquematch, where I am a certified senior editor.

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How to Cast a Hero, a novel by Lily Sayre

How To Cast a Hero

first published March, 2016 (age 13)

Every girl has, at some point, wished to be in a fairytale. That’s exactly where Ashlene Black is headed. However, Ashlene is expected to be a scheming, lying, wicked-to-the-core witch, when all she secretly wants is to be admired as a hero.


When Ashlene is “cast” into the role of a princess, she thinks this may be the start to fulfilling her dreams. But then her own mother is cast as a henchman to a powerful villain bent on destroying Ashlene. The princess and her merry band of misfits set off to rewrite her fairytale on a bumbling adventure across the kingdoms. However, her biggest challenge still remains... Is she truly a hero?

Rotten, a novel by Lily Sayre


first published May, 2014 (age 11)

Twelve-year-old Avalon gets landed with a sub when her teacher takes a mysterious sick week. Online, rumors fly that this substitute is some kind of monster, but Avalon doesn’t know if she can believe them. Her fellow classmates band together to help her figure out what’s true and what’s not, and that’s when things begin to go wrong.


Three days into the week, things are positively rotten.

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